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Technology products shipping and installation service


Your technology products delivered and installed according to your standards!

Courrier Tech Plus is our delivery and installation service. It provides a fast, economical and reliable solution which frees your professional technicians from simple installation and handling. 

Time is money

Once they are trained, our technical delivery agents can quickly answer your needs. Whether it is for a wave of equipment upgrades or setting up for a one-off event, Courrier Tech Plus saves you time, travel and money!


A solution to rapidly answer technical support requests from your clients!

Our technical delivery agents receive a customized training according to your standards for basic operations: assembly, connecting, disconnecting, replacement, swap-outs, maintenance and upgrades of equipment. It is noteworthy that our technical delivery agents are trained for transportation and handling of hazardous cargo; a value-added commodity within your grasp!


Delivered. Installed. Quality service

Our delivery agents make sure to leave a tidy work place behind them by removing wrappings and obsolete devices. They also make sure to bring everything to the proper location for recycling.


At your disposal across Québec

This customized service is ideal for the IT, medical, financial and retail sectors. We adjust to your specifications. Moreover, this service is available for all regions in Quebec.


Keep your inventory updated in real-time

Courrier Plus provides an expanded service allowing storage and inventory management. Your merchandise is entered in the index and followed with bar-codes so you can see the state of you inventory in real-time. Courrier Plus therefore becomes an extension of your enterprise to quickly answer your needs and growth.



Medical sector

  • Installation and replacement of nitrogen cylinders, oxygen cylinders, or any other compressed gas.
  • Installation of small devices or medical equipment.
  • Installation of insulin pumps.
  • Nuclear medicine products.

Financial services sector (banking institutions, financial companies)

  • Installation or upgrading of card readers.
  • Installation or upgrading of check writing machines.

Retail trade

  • Installation, or upgrading of card readers.
  • Installation or upgrading of scanners.
  • Installation or upgrading of cash registers.
  • Filling the display racks in your stores or at your clients’ (for certain products).
  • Installation of point of sale stalls.


  • Installation, or upgrading of pre-formatted computers or screens.
  • Connecting of peripheral equipment: multifunction printers, etc.
  • Fill the display racks in your stores or at your clients’ (for certain products).
  • Installation of point of sale stalls.
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