Courrier Plus was founded in 1983 by Jacques Vanasse and is recognized as one of the most experienced courier services in Montreal. Courrier Plus and its team of clerks and delivery agents are able to provide you with unsurpassed customer services!

Because it has been involved in research and development, Courrier Plus has undertaken to become a technology leader in the courier services. After setting ambitious goals, it became the first company in Montreal to provide online ordering service in 1997.

Whether it is for automated solutions or for express courier service, Courrier Plus offers a complete range of services to send envelopes and parcels the very next day or within an hour!

Marie-Josée and the late Karine Vanasse


To rally and harness the skills and talents of its team – a team committed to answer the parcel delivery needs of businesses in Quebec’s largest cities with quality services and efficiency.

Our values

The five words representing Courrier Plus’ values are (Trust, Optimistic, Commitment, Autonomy, Respect):

Trust, Optimistic, Commitment, Autonomy, Respect

These are the values we believe in and which must be extended to our daily practices. We believe in the ability of each employee or subcontractor to listen to the needs of our clients, to suggest improvements to our methods and to the quality of our services. These values are essential to ensure a harmonious work climate and customer satisfaction.

Congés fériés

Holiday schedules apply to all delivery services.

Fuel surcharge

Fuel surcharges fluctuate according to the fuel rate determined by the Energy Board.


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