The shipping industry is expanding tremendously due to increased online purchases, and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon. A conclusive study indicates that over 70 percent of consumers in Canada are ordering services and goods online. These orders are delivered directly to their doorsteps, and most delivery companies use petroleum-based means of transportation. The aforementioned process has a significant impact on the environment.

The good news is that at Courrier Plus, we’re an environmentally-conscious company that spares no expense to offer top-of-the-line green delivery services. Guided by the highest standards of honour and integrity, we complete a myriad of deliveries while employing ecological transportation methods such as cargo bikes and electric vehicles in Montreal and surrounding communities.


Cut your Carbon Footprint for a Safer Future

Creating a sustainable planet starts with you. Don’t always worry about when your shipment will arrive, but also think about how it will get to your doorstep. Choose Courrier Plus, a premium delivery company in Canada that uses eco-friendly and sustainable shipping methods to make timely deliveries. From the packaging of our products to our shipping techniques, we assure you that we cut no corners that would otherwise harm mother nature.


What is Our Motivation

In 2013, Courrier Plus yielded to the call of mother nature to reduce our carbon footprint. At the time, our reliable delivery company embraced the use of cargo bikes. A decade down the line, we’re still employing the same eco-friendly methods with the addition of electric vehicles.


Benefits of Using Ecological Transportation

Cargo Bikes

Our cargo bikes are tailored to make timely package deliveries. They bypass traffic jams in Montreal and can also access any Clean Air Zone in greater Montreal to make a personalized delivery to all doorsteps. In fact, they beat delivery vans at every turn. And we achieve all this without having the blood of mother nature on our hands.


Electrical Delivery Courant Plus

Besides our electrical transportation being very environmentally-friendly, our fleet also experiences minimal breakdowns and requires less maintenance allowing us to be the most reliable delivery company in Canada. The cost of electricity is also meagre compared to the cost of petroleum-based fuels, which makes our services very affordable. By adopting electrical delivery Courant Plus, we can assure you of a better planet for the future generations.


Why Partner with Us

By choosing us, you help to reduce the amounts of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Our delivery services abide by all environmental laws, regulations, and EPA standards. And, while we always conform to all the regulations, we make timely deliveries and ensure your shipment arrives in top-notch condition.


Choose Courrier Plus today, if you wish to go green!